Remote Allocation System


The Remote Allocation System (RAS) is an online code management system available on all keypad locks in the Electronic Cabinet & Locker Series. With RAS, administrators can remotely manage all locks without ever having to go to the lock itself!

Through the online portal, administrators can view a detailed overview of all the locks they currently manage. The lock list provides information such as the serial number, location of the lock and who the lock is currently allocated to.

Change many or all lock codes at once!
1. Select locks to be updated.
2. Click “Manage.”
3. Click “Advance lock codes.”
The next user code is now available!

Administrators can manage a single lock by clicking “Update,” which can be found on the far left side of the lock list. This will allow the administrator to see all details of the lock.

From the lock details page, administrators can manage, amend and update all aspects of the individual lock.

Administrators can advance the lock code, reallocate the lock to a different user, and edit all aspects of the lock details with the Remote Allocation System

Compatible With


Order Number

RAS (specify when ordering locks)

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