SUMO™ SGL-DS Gravity Latch, Double Sided

About the SGL-DS

The LockeyUSA SUMO™ SGL-DS Double Sided Gravity Latch provides a heavy-duty solution for securing your gates. This pull-to-open gravity latch features an advanced unguided catching system with two independent latching hooks. On the inside of the gate, this double-sided latch gives you the ability to exit freely by pushing the lock pad to lift the hooks on the other side. The gravity latch is lightweight and allows for vertical and horizontal adjustment to fit on gates of various post lengths and gaps. The SGL-DS is quick and easy to install with just a couple brackets, a drill, and a screwdriver. If you need to change the locks, the cylinders are rekeyable giving you ultimate flexibility. Dependable and suitable for nearly any gate material, this latch includes two keys to give to staff for locking up for the night or for quick access.


Double sided heavy duty gravity gate latch
Advanced catching system
2 independent latching hooks
Dependable, built to last
Easy installation and adjustment

Dimensions & Specifications

Dimensions: 3.75 x 1.5 x 5.75 inches
Materials: Non-rusting: polymers, aluminum, stainless steel
Gate Material: Metal, Vinyl & Wood gates
Vertical & Horizontal adjustment
Schlage 6 pin keyway, rekeyable
2 keys provided
Minimum Post Size: 1 ½”
Maximum Post Thickness: 7″
Minimum Gate Gap: ½”
Maximum Gate Gap: 1 ¼”
Ideal Gate Gap: ¾”
Color: Black
Weight: 1.45 lbs.
Lock Type: Rekeyable
Limited Lifetime Warranty

Order Number



Download SGL-DS Installation Instructions
Download SGL-DS Spec Sheet

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