SUMO™ SSC SafeClose Gate Hinges

About the SSC Hinges

LockeyUSA SUMO™ SSC SafeClose Gate Hinges are self-closing, adjustable tension gate hinges for your pool and safety gates. A pair of these rust-free, bind-free, UV-stabilized hinges close gates up to 99 pounds. Installation is quick and easy, only requiring a few drill holes to easily mount the hinge. With EZ click tension adjustment, you can control how fast your gate closes. The hinges are lightweight and allow for vertical adjustment to fit on gates of various post lengths. Built to withstand extreme weather conditions and ideal for metal and wood gates. For heavier gates up to 187 lbs., try the SSCHD Heavy-Duty Self-Closing Hinges.


Self-closing, adjustable tension gate hinges
Closes gates up to 99 lbs., sold in pairs
Designed for pool & safety gates
Fast and simple installation
EZ click adjustment
Rust-free, bind-free, UV-stabilized hinges
Resistant to extreme weather

Dimensions & Specifications

Dimensions: 2.6 x 1.8 x 3.5 inches
Materials: Non-rusting: polymers, aluminum, stainless steel
Holding Weight: 154 lbs.
Closing Weight: 99 lbs.
Gate Material: Metal, Wood
Vertical adjustment
Minimum Post Size: 1”
Ideal Gate Gap: ¾”
Color: Black
Weight: 11.2 oz.
Limited Lifetime Warranty

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Download SSC Hinge Installation Instructions
Download SSC Hinge Spec Sheet

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