15º Coil Nails


Grip-Rite® 15° Coil Nails – Plastic sheet coil framing nails collated with flexible solid plastic, galvanized for corrosion and weather protection, and backed by Jam-Free Guarantee.


  • Strong and flexible plastic collation
  • Galvanized to resist rust and weathering
  • Strong and flexible plastic collation
  • On-center nail heads help reduce jamming and promote better drivability
  • *Best to use with Grip-Rite GRTCS250 15⁰ Plastic Sheet Coil Siding/Fencing Nailer

View more information at https://grip-rite.com/product/15%e2%81%b0-plastic-sheet-coil-nails/

Available Part Numbers

GRC4R80DHG: 15º WIRE 1 1/2″X.080 HG RING 3M
GRC5R90DHG: 15º WIRE 1-3/4″X.092 HG RING 3M
GRC6R90DHG: 15º WIRE 2″X.092 HG RING 3M
GRC7P90DHG: 15º WIRE 2 3/16″X.092 HG SMOOTH 3M
GRC7R90DHG: 15º WIRE 2 3/16″X.092 HG RING 3M
GRC8R90DHG: 15º WIRE 2 1/2″X0.092 HG RING 3M

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