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Where can I buy LockeyUSA™ products?

LockeyUSA sells through distribution. You can buy LockeyUSA products online or from one of our trusted distributors located throughout the United States and Canada.

How can I get a LockeyUSA Product Catalog?

LockeyUSA catalogs are always available to view on our Product Catalog page. If you would like a physical copy of LockeyUSA product catalogs, request them here.

Does the Lifetime Mechanical Warranty apply to all LockeyUSA products?

The LockeyUSA Lifetime Mechanical Warranty ONLY applies to KEYLESS entry locks. Any LockeyUSA product that includes a keyway (Key Override and E-Digital) does NOT come with a Lifetime Mechanical Warranty. Warranties vary on other LockeyUSA products including Gate Closers and Panic Bars. Please see our full Product Warranty for more details

How do I make a warranty claim?

Warranty Claims must be processed through LockeyUSA. Warranty Claims processed through LockeyUSA Distribution Partners, or any other entity, are NOT valid. To request a LockeyUSA Warranty Claim Form, please contact us.

I want to sell LockeyUSA products. ​How do I become a Distributor?

To inquire about becoming a LockeyUSA Distributor, click here.

I’m having trouble with installing my LockeyUSA product. Can you help?

Of course! View our product specific FAQ list, Product Videos and Installation Instructions. If you need help troubleshooting, contact us or email support@LockeyUSA.com.

I lost my instructions. How do I change my code?

Check our Product Videos page to see if there is a video of how to change the code on your product. Instructions on how to change the code are also available on our Installation Instructions page.

I need to replace a part on my LockeyUSA Product. How do I get new parts?

To get new parts, you can contact the company you originally purchased your LockeyUSA Product from. Or, you can purchase Replacement Parts here.

Why do LockeyUSA Mechanical Locks say digital if they are completely mechanical?

The short answer: In 1970, when the Lockey Digital Door Lock was invented, “digital” meant something completely different. Because you used your fingers or “digits” to operate the lock, it was a digital lock rather than a traditional keyed lock—hence the word digital. For the long answer, read our blog post here.

What brands is LockeyUSA affiliated with?

LockeyUSA is a PrimeSource Building Products, Inc. brand, along with Grip-Rite®, Pro-Twist®RailFX®, Ultra-Tec®, and Nationwide Industries™.  Other PrimeSource Brands include Dimora Brands™ and Wolf Home Products®.

Is it true that LockeyUSA locks have been spotted on the hit TV show, Yellowstone?

Yes, it is! Read our blog post about how LockeyUSA locks installed on Bloomer Trailers got their 15 seconds of fame on the hit TV show.

How can I stay up to date with the latest updates and product info from LockeyUSA?

To stay up to date on the latest from LockeyUSA, subscribe to our newsletter and follow us Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

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