Ordering Information

Refer to the information below when ordering LockeyUSA products.

Lock Finishes: 

LockeyUSA locks are offered in a variety of finishes including Antique Brass, Bright Brass, Bright Chrome, Jet Black, Marine Grade, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Satin Brass, Satin Chrome, Satin Nickel, and White. Most locks are available in a wide variety of finishes, however, please refer to individual product pages to see which finishes are offered.

Marine Grade Finishes: 

Many LockeyUSA locks are offered in a Marine Grade finish. The Marine Grade (MG) finish is designed to extend the life of the finish when exposed to corrosive elements of saltwater environments. The Marine Grade lock finish is recommended for locks installed in coastal saltwater environments, such as marinas, boats, or homes near the coast.

Panic Shield Kits:

LockeyUSA offers panic hardware individually or in panic shield kits. To order a panic shield kit, use the document below to determine the correct part number. Click the image below to download the “How to Order a Panic Shield” document.

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