21º Plastic Strip Collated Nails


21º Plastic Strip Collated Nails

Available Part Numbers

GR09HG1M: 21º PLASTIC 2-3/8″ X .113 HG SMOOTH 1M
GR09HG: 21º PLASTIC 2 3/8″x113 HG SMOOTH 5M
GR08RHG1M: 21º PLASTIC 2-3/8″ X .113 HG RING 1M
GR08RHG: 21º PLASTIC 2 3/8″x113 HG RING 5M
GR212131HG: 21º PLASTIC 2 1/2″x131 HG SMOOTH 5M
GR212131RH: 21º PLASTIC 2 1/2″x131 HG RING 5M
GR301HG: 21º PLASTIC 3″x120 HG SMOOTH 4M
GR408HG1M: 21º PLASTIC 3″ X .120 HG RING 1M
GR408HG: 21º PLASTIC 3″x120 HG RING 4M
GR033HG: 21º PLASTIC 3″x131 HG SMOOTH 4M
GR033RHG: 21º PLASTIC 3″x131 HG RING 4M
GR444HG: 21º PLASTIC 3 1/4″x120 HG SMOOTH 4M
GR034HG: 21º PLASTIC 3 1/4″x131 HG SMOOTH 4M
GR034HGR1M: 21º PLASTIC 3-1/4″ X .131 HG RING 1M

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