TB950 Magnum Gate Closer


All-in-one closer and hinge system
Concealed, high use, pedestrian gate closer
Tamper and vandal resistant
Two speed adjustments: closing & latching
Closes gates weighing between 50-250 lbs.
Works with left and right hand gates
No hold open
Restrictor to avoid over opening
Speed adjustments hidden from view
180 degree capable with 180 Drive Plate*
Can be mounted on chain link with TB950-LINX

Dimensions & Specifications

Max. Gate Weight: 50-250 lbs.
Max. Gate Width: 48″
Max. Gate Height: 78″
Max. Opening Angle: 90 degrees, 180 degrees with 180 Drive Plate*
Min. Operating Temperature: -40 degrees Fahrenheit
Max. Operating Temperature: 122 degrees Fahrenheit
Type of Gate Material: Ornamental, Chain Link**
Material: Steel
Finish: Electro-galvanized

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