Grip-Rite® Ninja™ Hidden Deck Clip


Take the guesswork out of deckboard spacing with the Grip-Rite® Ninja™ Hidden Deck Clip. No more frustration with clips falling out of the groove and onto the ground. The compression fit levers hold the clip in position and evenly space the deck boards making installation quick and easy.


  • The Grip-Rite® Ninja™ Hidden Deck Clip saves time and frustration for grooved deck board installation.
  • Clips hold firmly into the groove without falling out.
  • Quick and easy installation.
  • Fastens with PrimeGuard Max® coated stainless-steel screws.

View more information at Grip-Rite® Ninja™ Hidden Deck Clip – Grip-Rite

Available Part Numbers

GRNJC31650: 50 SQ FT BOX, 90 clips with color-coated stainless fastener

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