TB600 Hydraulic Gate Closer, for gates 150-250 lbs.

About the TB600

The SUMO® Gate Hardware TB600 Turtle Back Hydraulic Gate Closer from LockeyUSA offers firm, quiet hydraulic action for easy closing of pedestrian gates. This turtle back gate closer features a top-of-the-line design with improved seals and a higher performing cylinder for a superior product. With a pre-set closing speed delivering controlled closure, the TB600 turtle back automatic gate closer has emerged onto the market as an economical and reliable device to secure pedestrian gates up to 72 inches in width, and up to 250 pounds. Hotel pool gates, parking lot access gates, beach access gates, office complex gates, resort gates, and barrier gates highlight a few of the many places this gate closer can be applied. The TB600 automatic gate closer is also recommended for gates which lock by maglock or electric strike because of its steady and stable closing action. The TB600 is a reliable, high-quality gate closure that gives you convenient security. The TB600 is often used in conjunction with the LockeyUSA 2835, 2210, 2830, 1150 keyless gate locks, and SUMO GL2 surface mount gate lock. This powerful hardware combination provides secured, self-closing access control with the convenience of a keyless entry system.


Closes small and large gates from 150-250 lbs.
Hydraulic/Nitrogen Gas controlled closing speed
Installs on top/middle/bottom
Works with left and right hand gates
Mounts on opening side of gate
Pushes the gate closed
Mounting brackets and fitting bar included
Not compatible with gates less than 30 inches wide
To retain product warranty & restrict gate opening angle, a gate stop must be installed


Material: Steel (Black), Stainless Steel (Silver)

Dimensions & Specifications

Gate Weight: 150-250 lbs.
Gate Width: 44-72″
Max. Opening Angle: 100 degrees
Min. Operating Temperature: 15 degrees Fahrenheit*
Max. Operating Temperature: 122 degrees Fahrenheit*
Type of Gate Material: Vinyl, Steel, Wood, Chain Link**
Closing/Latch Method: Hydraulic/Nitrogen Gas
Material: Steel or Stainless Steel
Color: TB600: Black, TB600SS: Silver
Finish: TB600: Painted, TB600SS: Stainless Steel
Hinge Arrangements: In-line or Offset
Opening Pressure: Approx. 8-18 lbs.

*Operation of the closer in temperatures below or above the minimum and maximum operating temperatures may result in improper operation or complete failure of the closer.

**TB600 can be mounted on chain link gates with the TB-LINX.
TB-LINX sold separately.

Compatible With

Gate Stop

Order Number

Steel: TB600
Stainless: TB600SS


Download Instructions
Download Spec Sheet


How to Install TB600 Gate Closer

How to Install TB600 Gate Closer on Chain Link

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