2021 Photo Contest Results

January 12, 2022

Thank you to all who participated in our 2021 Photo Contest. We truly enjoyed seeing your incredible projects using LockeyUSA products. Another big thank you goes out to our photo contest judges, who had the difficult task of determining the winners. 

Please join us in congratulating our 2021 Photo Contest Winners!

First Prize: SoCal Gates and Rails

The 2021 Photo Contest Winner: SoCal Gates and Safety Rails. SoCal Gates and Safety Rails submitted a custom fabricated modern steel gate equipped with a LockeyUSA M210 Mechanical Keyless Deadbolt. You can see more from SoCal Gates and Safety Rails on Instagram or by visiting their website

Second Prize: A Straight Up Fence Company

A Straight Up Fence Company took home second place in our 2021 Photo Contest. The gate shown here uses the GB2500 Gate Box and LockeyUSA 2835 Mechanical Keyless Lever Lock with Passage Function. Owner of A Straight Up Fence Company, Brian Baumgardner, said “We absolutely love Lockey locks. We use them on a variety of custom fabricated gates from residential to industrial.” Follow along for more projects from A Straight Up Fence Company when you visit their Facebook page and website

Third Prize: Estrada Fencing

This 7-foot custom privacy cedar fence built in Dallas, Texas by Estrada Fencing took home third place in our 2021 Photo Contest. The LockeyUSA 2835 Mechanical Keyless Lever Lock provides keyless, convenient security for this project. Follow Estrada Fencing on Instagram for more.

Once again, LockeyUSA thanks all of you who submitted photos to our 2021 Photo Contest. Your hard work and craftsmanship do not go unnoticed and we are humbled to be included in your projects.

We look forward to sharing more photo contest entries over the next few months across our social media accounts. To stay up to date on all the latest from LockeyUSA, make sure you are following us on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter!

We will be announcing details of our 2022 Photo Contest soon, so stay tuned.

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