June 9, 2021

Introducing the new GB900+ Gate Box. Available in unfinished steel and aluminum, the GB900+ makes it easy to install a narrow stile keyless lock on your gate. 

The GB900+ is compatible with the LockeyUSA 2900 Series:

2900/2900DC 2900 Mechanical Keyless Narrow Stile Deadbolt Lock

2930/2930DC 2930 Mechanical Keyless Narrow Stile Passage Knob Lock

2950/2950DC 2950 Mechanical Keyless Narrow Stile Hook Bolt Lock

2985/2985DC 2985 Mechanical Keyless Narrow Stile Passage Lever Lock

GB900+ replaces the former GB900 and GB950 Gate Boxes. 

Steel: GB900+

Aluminum: GB900AL+

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