The Art of Metal Fabrication Craftsmanship

March 17, 2022

Artistic at heart, Ryan Paul Bonin, owner of Paul George Industries, grew up welding as a hobby and spent more than 20 years of his career in the action sports industry as a graphic designer. In 2016, he combined his love of design and welding to start a metal fabrication company. Ryan and his staff at Paul George Industries create works of art for people’s homes, using steel as the primary material for gates, railings, and much more.

“I like to break away from the norm and average cookie-cutter productions and create something unique and fully custom for our customers,” said Ryan.

Ryan built his business on true craftsmanship and high standards. And he’s made his stamp within a 10-mile radius of his business — Rancho Cucamonga, California, just 40 miles east of Los Angeles — a place he has called home since birth. “I like to stay within the set boundaries of my city, and there’s plenty of work within my network,” said Ryan.

Why Paul George Industries?

“My middle name is Paul, and my initial business partner was named George, and we combined the names and built the brand, and I like it,” said Ryan. Paul George Industries has a regal ring to it, and it rings true to the type of work Ryan and his team create for their customers.

“I’m not a gate builder; I’m a designer,” Ryan says proudly. When he first talks to a potential customer, they chat to get a sense of what they’re looking for, a screening process to see if it will be a good fit. “I like to understand their creative vision; are they looking for something that adds to curb appeal or adding structure or security. This gives me a good idea if they can support the vision both from a creative and budget perspective,” added Ryan.

Once Ryan and the customer decide it’s a good fit, they spend some time at the house to consider the design style and take measurements. “We‘ll start working on designs using clips of images, Instagram posts, photos from the neighborhood, and then I’ll put my graphic design skills to work to design what the customer is envisioning.”

Why LockeyUSA?

Typically, Ryan’s customers ask for an electronic keypad locking system for their gates. He always steers them towards mechanical locks, and LockeyUSA is always his number one go-to. “I’m not in the business of callbacks to fix things a second time around,” said Ryan. He explains to his customers that mechanical locks are the most practical for exterior use and will stand up to the elements.

The first time Ryan heard about LockeyUSA, a customer needed access for their pool professional, and they didn’t want a key for their gate in case of personnel changes. Ryan did his due diligence in researching options and saw his peers using LockeyUSA. “There are a lot of cheap mechanical locks out there. I choose quality over price — offering superior products — and everything kept pointing back to LockeyUSA,” said Ryan.

“There are a lot of cheap mechanical locks out there. I choose quality over price — offering superior products — and everything kept pointing back to LockeyUSA.”

Ryan Bonin, Owner of Paul George Industries

Installation of LockeyUSA locks is super simple for Ryan and his team. “It’s second nature to install and as simple as any typical doorknob.”

Paul George Industries Favorite Projects Using LockeyUSA Mechanical Keyless Locks

One of Ryan’s favorite projects: a courtyard entry gate that accented the customer’s home. His team duplicated the steep arch of the front entry and added classic forged scrolls and LockeyUSA 2835 double combination lock for convenience. It was 100 percent Ryan’s design, and they let him run free with it as their only genuine concern was security.

Another favorite project using LockeyUSA products wasn’t what Ryan was expecting — a mix of old and new world design conflicted with the design aesthetic. He went back and forth with the customer up to the start of fabrication. In the end, Ryan and his team created what the customer wanted, a horizontal composite wood with round clavos, flat bar strapping with a heavy-duty two-inch framework with black texture powder coat.

To secure the gate and provide a convenient entrance, the customer chose LockeyUSA combination lever. “The customer specifically asked for the LockeyUSA brand,” said Ryan. “You know, the customer is always right.”

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