V40 Series Panic Bars by Detex


The V40 Series of rim exit devices offers secure and durable panic and fire exit hardware at an affordable price. It is designed for use on all types of single and double doors with mullions.

LockeyUSA offers DETEX products and manufactures DETEX compatible panic mounting plates & keyless trims, combining two world-class brands to create one-of-a-kind panic exit configurations that offer maximum safety and security. Detex V40 Series bars are also offered as part of our Standard Panic Shield Kits and Edge Panic Shield Kits


V40 Upgrades:
42″ Panic Bar
42″ Black Panic Bar

V40xEB (V40 ALARM) Upgrades:
42″ Panic Bar
42″ Black Panic Bar
Weatherized Black
Weatherized 42″ Panic Bar
Weatherized 42″ Black Panic Bar

Dimensions & Specifications

Types: Wood, Hollow, Metal, Fiberglass or Aluminum
Door Thickness: Fits standard 1 3/4″ – 2 1/4″
Machine and self-drilling screws (standard)
Panic Bar Length: 33″ (36″ Doors) or 42″ (48″ Doors)
ANSI and BHMA Grade 1 Certified
UL/cUL Listed
ADA Compliant

Compatible With

Panic Trims
115P Keyless Heavy Duty Passage Lever Panic Trim

160P Keyless Heavy Duty Passage Knob Panic Trim
285P Keyless Passage Lever Panic Trim
310P Mechanical Keyless Knob Panic Trim (discontinued)
Lever Handle Clutch Panic Trim (PB-LHCL)
Lever Handle Keyed Panic Trim (PB-LHED/PB-LHSR)
Lever Handle Passage Panic Trim (PB-LHPS)
Night Latch Handleset Panic Trim (PB-NLED)
Pull Handle Entry Panic Trim (PB-DUMED)
Thumbpiece Keyed Entry Panic Trim (PB-TPED)
V-08BN-689 Detex Panic Trim Passage Lever
V-09BN-689 Detex Panic Trim Janitor Lever

Panic Shields
Detex Compatible Panic Shields

Order Number

Non-Alarm Options:
33″ Bar: V40
33″ Bar, Black: V40x711
33″ Bar, Weatherized: V40xW
42″ Bar: V40x48
42″ Bar, Black: V40x48x711

Alarm Options:
33″ Alarm Bar: V40xEB
33″ Alarm Bar, Black: V40x711xEB
33″ Alarm Bar, Weatherized: V40xEBxW
33″ Alarm Bar, Black, Weatherized: V40x711xEBxW
42″ Alarm Bar: V40x48xEB
42″ Alarm Bar, Weatherized: V40x48xEBxW
42″ Alarm Bar, Black: V40x48x711xEB
42″ Alarm Bar, Black Weatherized: V40x48x711xEBxW


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