Install the SUMO® GL2 on Chain Link Gates with the new GL2LINX Adapter

December 3, 2020

The GL2LINX Adapter makes it easy to install the SUMO® GL2 Surface Mount Gate Lock on chain link gates. The GL2LINX adapter bolts on to the gate and requires no welding. SUMO® GL2 Surface Mount Gate Lock and GL2LINX Adapter are sold separately.

The SUMO® GL2 installs on metal, wood, vinyl and now chain link gates easily without the need for welding. It is the perfect solution for pools, docks, beaches and other property liability areas that require limited access. Use the key lockout function to prevent after hours code access. Staff can lock the gate with the key and render the keypad inoperable. The lock will be secure so even users with the code cannot enter.

The GL2 also features a passage mode, which allows the gate to be opened freely without a code from both sides during hours of operation. 

Weather-resistant and backed by a lifetime mechanical warranty, the SUMO® GL2 will function in any situation where you need security without compromising convenient access for those who need it. 

Learn more about the new chain link adapter at

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