NEW VIDEO: TB200/TB400/TB600 Installation

October 11, 2021

View the TB200 Hydraulic Gate Closer
View the TB400 Hydraulic Gate Closer
View the TB600 Hydraulic Gate Closer

Hydraulic Gate Closers by LockeyUSA offer firm, quiet hydraulic action for easy closing of pedestrian gates. The TB200/TB400/TB600 Gate Closers feature a top-of-the-line design with improved seals and a higher performing cylinder for a superior product. With a pre-set closing speed delivering controlled closure, the TB200/TB400/TB600 Hydraulic Gate Closers are economical and reliable solutions to secure pedestrian gates.

Hotel pool gates, parking lot access gates, beach access gates, courtyard gates, office complex gates, resort gates, and barrier gates are just a few of the many places these gate closers can be applied. The TB200, TB400 and TB600 Hydraulic Gate Closers are often used in conjunction with the LockeyUSA 2835, 2830, 1150 and SUMO GL2 Gate Locks. This powerful hardware combination provides secured, self-closing access control with the convenience of a keyless entry system.

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