PB1100 Panic Bar


PB1100 Panic Bar
Rim Style Exit Device
Grade 1 Certified ANSI/BHMA A156.3 Series
Complies with ANSI A117.1 ADA requirements
UL/cUL Listed
Weather Resistant
Fire Rated (FR) Available – UL/cUL Listed 3 hr. fire-rated 10C, UBC -2 (1997)


PB1100 Upgrades:
Stainless Steel
Fire Rated (Please Note: PB1100FR cannot be dogged)
42″ Panic Bar
42″ Stainless Steel Panic Bar Panic Bar Length: 33″ (36″ Doors) or 42″ (48″ Doors)
Narrow Stile: 2 1/2″
Door Thickness 1 3/4″ (Standard)
Field Sizable: Can be cut to 27″
Material: Plated Steel or Stainless Steel with Zinc or Stainless Steel Head Cover
Latch Bolt: Stainless Steel Powder Metallurgy with 9/16″ Throw
Deadlocking Latch: Stainless Steel Powder Metallurgy with 9/16″ Throw

Compatible With

Keyless Panic Trims
115P Keyless Heavy Duty Passage Lever Panic Trim

160P Keyless Heavy Duty Passage Knob Panic Trim
285P Keyless Passage Lever Panic Trim
310P Mechanical Keyless Knob Panic Trim (discontinued)
Panic Trims
Lever Handle Clutch Panic Trim (PB-LHCL)
Lever Handle Keyed Panic Trim (PB-LHED/PB-LHSR)
Lever Handle Passage Panic Trim (PB-LHPS)
Night Latch Handleset Panic Trim (PB-NLED)
Pull Handle Entry Panic Trim (PB-DUMED)
Thumbpiece Keyed Entry Panic Trim (PB-TPED)
Panic Shields
PS3x1S24, ED3x1S24, PS3x1B24, ED3x1B24, PS3x1S12, ED3x1S12, PS3x1B12, ED3x1B12

Order Number

Standard: PB1100
Stainless Steel: PB1100 SS
Fire Rated: PB1100 FR
For 48” Doors: PB1142
Stainless Steel, for 48” Doors: PB1142 SS


Download PB1100 Instructions
Download PB1100 Fire Rated Instructions
Download Spec Sheet

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