Constructing Door and Gate Systems to Withstand the Winter Months

December 15, 2021

Whether you’re a fan of winter and all it brings or would rather hideaway and hibernate, winter is coming. As this side of the world begins prepping outdoor areas for the cold months ahead, let’s review some tips for creating door and gate systems that will weather seasonal changes without issue.

LockeyUSA mechanical lock with keypad

Choose mechanical.

To ensure your customers’ gate locking systems are prepared to operate smoothly throughout the seasons, choose mechanical. LockeyUSA™ mechanical locks are entirely mechanical and weather-resistant, making them the perfect choice for environments with extreme temperatures. While other locks with electronics and batteries can malfunction due to weather, LockeyUSA locks are made for exterior applications and backed by a lifetime mechanical warranty.

The photo above was sent to us from a customer who arrived at his office after a winter storm to see his LockeyUSA Mechanical Keyless Lock covered in ice. After some chipping away at the ice and thawing, the Lockey lock worked perfectly.

Check temperature ratings.

When designing a gate to be self-closing summer through winter, you will want to ensure the closer covers the temperature range for the area you are in. LockeyUSA Hydraulic Gate Closers operate in temperatures ranging from 15 degrees to 122 degrees Fahrenheit.

LockeyUSA TB950 Magnum All-in-One Closer and Hinge system

For high-use gates that may experience even larger temperature swings, we recommend the TB950 Magnum All-in-One Closer and Hinge System. The TB950 operates seamlessly in temperatures as low as -40 degrees and up to 122 degrees Fahrenheit.

Adjustable-tension self-closing hinges, like the SUMO™ SSC and SSCHD Hinges, are another great option for providing consistent closing in extreme temperatures. The SSC and SSCHD Self-Closing Hinges are rust-free and UV-stabilized, which means they will operate throughout winter and continue to look good doing it. 

Here are some examples of LockeyUSA products withstanding whatever Mother Nature throws at them:

Bloomer Trailers

The LockeyUSA 2210 keyless lock system has remained the preferred lock choice of Bloomer Trailers for more than 15 years. Why? Because not only does it come in a variety of finishes, but it is also weather-resistant, backed by a lifetime mechanical warranty, and completely mechanical, meaning no batteries or wires.

This past winter, when Texas had 25-year temperature lows, Randy Bloomer’s trailer had frozen over. Using a propane torch, Randy, owner of Bloomer Trailers, melted the ice off the lock, punched “C” and his code, and turned the knob with a pair of pliers. The lock worked without a hitch.

Man in cowboy hat opening trailer door

AGF Custom Gates

AGF Custom Metal Concepts designs custom gates, fences, doors, pergolas, and specialty products for the luxury market — from the unknown to the well-known. The AGF team takes pride in their work, and Matt personally oversees all projects to ensure his customers are delighted with the final product.

When securing AGF’s unique gate and fence designs, AGF chooses the LockeyUSA brand, most commonly using the 2835 Lever for an easy keyless entry. 

Unique gate and fence design that utilizes a LockeyUSA product

LockeyUSA offers a vast selection of door and gate security hardware made for the elements, including mechanical keyless locks, gate closers, and panic hardware. Lockey products provide security and convenience for an extensive range of commercial and residential applications.

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